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it does nothing

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Q: Why is there a poisoned croukank statue on Pokemon pearl and what does it do?
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Bronze statue in Pokemon maison on Pokemon pearl?

a rare Pokemon

What is on the statue guarded in Pokemon mansion in pearl?

just a very expensive statue

What is the tweaking glitch in pearl?

the tweaking glitch means one of your Pokemon is poisoned

What is the big Pokemon statue of?

If you mean diamond & Pearl, then in Diamond, Dialga and in Pearl, Palkia

What is the name of the Pokemon that is a statue in Eterna City?

In Diamond, the statue is Dialga. In Pearl, the statue is Palkia. In Platinum, the statue is a combination of both.

What does MrGoods give you on Pokemon pearl?

He gave me the gym statue for my secret base.

How do you get the wooden croagunk statue in the pokemart in pastridona city in Pokemon pearl?

You don't. The statue is just a decoration; it belongs to the store.

What is the secret of the bronze statue of Pokemon Diamond and Pearl and what is it?

If you're talking about the statue in Eterna city.....i think thats dialga or possible palkia depending on whether u have Diamond or Pearl Diamond = Dialga Pearl = Palkia hope this helped

What is the diamond statue in Pokemon Diamond?

The 'Diamond statue' you speak of is located to the East of Enterna City. This statue is the same in Diamond and Pearl, as you can see it is a mix of Dialga (Diamond Legendary) and Plakia (Pearl legendary.) If this is not what you ment by your question, feel free to cantact me on my message board.

What statue do you put your plates on in Pokemon pearl?

None. Plates are used for 2 things: make Pokemon of the same type stronger and change Arceus's type.Also, it is thought that you take the plates to the crogunk statue in pastoria city and in seeps an azure flute

How can you get a diamend in Pokemon pearl?

you cant get a diamond on Pokemon pearl but you can get a pearl on diammond ...and pearl.

How do you get rigigigas in Pokemon pearl?

get rigirock,rigiice and registell go to snowpoint temple go to the bottom statue with all the rigis in your party and he will appear lvl1DURGH