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I read her bio in the game and she got to much water in her, so her backup battery scanned life forms and a......tree.............................. When you talk to her to reboot her, she was a creation of Dr. F.....

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Q: Why is the robot girl on elf island in your sims kingdom?
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How do you build the robot on rocket reef my sims kingdom?

What robot?

How do you get other sims to come to your island sims kingdom?

you dont!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

Where do you find the pirhana on your Sims Kingdom for Wii?

the cowboy island

Angler fish on my sims kingdom Wii?

trevor island

Where is the chocolate essence on your sims kingdom?

you get it on the royal academy island

Are there any special flowers on the Capital Island on My Sims Kingdom and if there are where are they?

Capital Island does not have a special flower.

How do you get pencils in my sims kingdom?

You can dig for pencils at the Royal Academy Island.

Where do you find flowers in my sims kingdom?

On every island. Hope this helps. :)

How do you know when you have completed an island on my sims kingdom?

When you complete an island, there`s usually a big cutscene at the end. Or if none of the sims on the island have an exclamation on their head that`s when you know if you completed the island yet.

How do you get Candypolooza island in my sims kingdom?

You have to complete Rocket Reef(when the rocket is launched).

Where do you fish for robot fish in my sims kingdom?

Rocket Reef but go all the way to tobors diner and then go to the bottom and fish.

Can you invite people to your island in my sims kingdom and if you can how many?

no or yes if yes probably 10