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because he is a card jitsu master

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Q: Why is sensei always winning in card jitsu?
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When does sensei come on in clubpenguin?

Sensei comes on club penguin when the martial arts catalog (in the ninja hideout) is updated with new items, when there's a card jitsu party, or when a new card jitsu game is released, like card jitsu fire, card jitsu water, or card jitsu snow.

What is the rarest card jitsu power card?

It is the sensei power card.

What is the rarest clubpenguin jitsu card?

The sensei power card (Search it up)

How do you get in a card jitsu tournament?

You Have to goto the Dojo, Then you have to click the sensei, and then it will come up with a blue thingy.It will say "Do you want to talk to the sensei?" press yesIt Will say:Earn your beltsInstructionsChallenge The SenseiThen Press "Earn your belts"You have to wait and Play Card Jitsu!!!Always Happy To help

How do know what card or power card sensei chooses in card-jitsu?

keep choosing water

When will sensei come to clubpenguin 2011?

Sensei came on club penguin November 2011 at the card - jitsu party.

Club penguin card jitsu what is the Sensei's password?

his sons name joey

How do you beat the sensei in fire card jitsu?

lose five times then he will lose

What do you do once you beat sensei on club penguin?

You do the same in card-jitsu fire

How do you play card jitsu?

You go to the Dojo and Click on the Sensei. then click Earn My Belts.

How do you get card jitsu in Club Penguin?

Do you mean card jitsu cards? Well most Asda's MABYE Morrisons and probablly your local news agents.

Who works at the dojo in Club Penguin?

a wise penguin called sensei. sensei is Japanese means trainer. he invented the game card jitsu