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She isn't, they are both from 2 completely different franchises and it's just because rosalina looks like maria.

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Q: Why is rosalina married to shadow the hedgehog?
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Is rosalina and shadow the hedgehog a couple?

No that is shadow and maria like blaze and sonic

Was shadow the hedgehog a brown hedgehog?

No, shadow the hedgehog is black.

Does shadow and Amy get married in the future?

Yes and they have a child name Silver the hedgehog!

Why did Shadow marry Sally in Sonic Universe?

Shadow married Sally in order to become ruler, for he had conquered the kingdom, so he had the freedom to do so.

What type of hedgehog is shadow?

Shadow is a blato hedgehog.

Is Amy going to get married to shadow the hedgehog?

In the comics they said that silver was related to amy and shadow but im not completly sure

Is shadow the hedgehog created?

yes shadow the hedgehog was created by eggman

Who is more famous Shadow The Hedgehog or Big Bird?

shadow the hedgehog

Who is more famous Shadow the Hedgehog or Buzz Lightyear?

Shadow the Hedgehog

Who is more famous ET or Shadow the Hedgehog?

Shadow the Hedgehog

Who is more famous pingu or shadow the hedgehog?

Shadow the Hedgehog

Does shadow the hedgehog got a girlfriend?

No shadow the hedgehog does not have a girlfriend