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Even though your disk may look clean, it could possibly have some hidden damage. It's hard to tell without seeing the disk itself, though your best bet st to use a disk cleaner (you can purchase them from your local store for $5-20). Some stores, such as GameStop, will offer to clean the disk for you. Be sure to check the clear plastic at the center of the disk as well - constantly pulling a disk out of its case may crack this and cause the game to freeze or stop working (which happened to me a few years back).

Do other games work, or is it just this one? There may be a problem with your X-Box 360 if many games have suddenly stopped working. Again, GameStop (or another local game retailer) is a good place to bring in your games/systems to have them checked.

I hope this helped.

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Q: Why is my Xbox 360 game not working though it's clean?
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