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Well, I don't think it should be a 16 either, I think it should be a 12 or something.

I think it's because of some of the rude gestures that Bikes & ATVs can make and when a Bike gets run over by a big vehicle and also because sometimes in the festival some of the racers get out of their car and they're called "dismounted drivers" and if you run them over you're killing them and it makes a loud clicking sound.

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Q: Why is motorstorm pacific rift a 16?
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What are the release dates for MotorStorm Pacific Rift - 2008 VG?

MotorStorm Pacific Rift - 2008 VG was released on: USA: 28 October 2008

Is motorstorm pacific rift coming out for psp?

No just for the PS3

How get multiplayer on motorstorm?

Unfortunatly, MotorStorm is not multiplayer, but MotorStorm Pacific Rift which came out October 28, 2008 (yesterday) is! It's up to 4 players.

How can you get the motorstorm pacific rift expansion packs?

Buy them off the PlayStation Store.

Is there going to be a MotorStorm 2?

There is Motorstorm Pacific Rift and the Motorstorm Apocalypse for PS3 is to be released in 2011. Motorstorm Arctic Edge was released for the PS2/PSP The Motorstorm 2 title was not used. see related links

How do you get Motor storm Monument Valley on Motor storm Pacific Rift?

Motorstorm Monument Valley and Motorstorm Pacific Rift are two different games! You can't play them both at the same time! If you're asking about the microbadge, you just have to play Motorstorm Monument Valley. If you haven't got it, you can ask a friend who has it to give you the microbadge.

Are there cheat codes for motorstorm pacific rift?

yes you can look it up on google, i do not know where to enter the cheats in though

Which is the best vehicles in motorstorm?

On Motorstorm Monument Valley, Rally car is the fastest and best but very hard to control. Big Rigs are the best on muddy tracks Bikes are the best on Sidewinder and they are the easiest to control. On Motorstorm Pacific Rift, Big Rig might have a lot of wins on time attack, but that doesn't mean take it online because it is so slow to accelerate. There isn't really a best on Motorstorm Pacific Rift, you choose your vehicle

How do you play mutiplayer on motorstorm?

You can't play two player on Motorstorm 1, but on Motorstorm Pacific Rift you can play two player by going into Wreckreation, then Split Screen, and selecting the track, ambience, laps etc. HOPE THIS HELPS!

2 player offline racing game for PS3?

MotorStorm: Pacific Rift seems to be one from the information at the related link

How many tracks are in motorstorm?

On Motorstorm 1, there are eight tracks, but you can buy four more in the playstation store On Motorstorm Pacific Rift, there are sixteen tracks, but you can buy fourteen more in the playstation store, seven of those fourteen new tracks are completely new tracks, and the other seven are volcanic versions of seven of the sixteen tracks not from the playstation store

Can you play 2 player on Motor Storm Pacific Rift?

Yes, you can play 2 player games on Motorstorm Pacific Rift split screen. You can go up to 4 player split screen. When you go online, a game is full when it gets up to 12 racers, but make sure that you didn't sign in to be too young or the game won't let you online.