Why is minecraft rated e10?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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for fantasy voilence

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Q: Why is minecraft rated e10?
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What is Minecraft on PC classification?

The ESRB rated it E10, which is a 'U' in the UK.

What is Minecraft rated?

ESRB didnt rate it. Everyone agrees it's e10

What is the game rating for minecraft on xbox 360?

Minecraft is rated E10+ (Everyone 10+ years) because of fantasy violence. As for online interactions, ESRB has not rated that.

What was the first video game to be rated E10 plus?

Donkey Kong Jungle Beat was the first game to be rated E10+.

What is the game war of titans rated?


What is the rating of Need For Speed World?

It is rated E10+

Why is Minecraft rated E10 plus?

Because there's not a lot of violence or any needed maturity to play mine craft every body could play at any age group

Can a kid play Minecraft?

Minecraft has a rating of E10+, so any kid of 10 and older can play Minecraft.

What is Rachet and Clank future All 4 one rated?

E10 and up

Why is Sly3 rated E10?

Maybe it's hard or to exciting for younger kids

Why does the game shadow the hedgehog have curseing but it's rated E?

the game is rated e10+ with mild language and fantasy violence

What is shadow the hedge hog GameCube rated?

Shadow the Hedgehog has an E10+ ESRB rating.