Why is joking good?

Updated: 9/17/2023
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Because, everyone enjoys a good laugh once and awhile.

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Q: Why is joking good?
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What does mean by good sense of humor?

it means that ,that person has a good joking humor.they'll laugh anything funny!!! hope this helps.

How do you spell joking?

Joking. You spelt it correctly.

What does it look like when your on your period?

disgusting just joking if u have proper hygenie its all good

What is a good sentence for irreverently?

The kids were joking around and laughing irreverently during the church ceremony.

Is a claud butler milano cycle a good one?

You just have to be joking its an ICON in its own right

How do you get people laugh?

You can make people laugh by joking them. Jokes or puns have good sense of laughter.

Are you people joking about this?

no we ain't joking these questions are real...

What is the antonym for not joking but?

Mrs. O'Neill

How do you say joking in french?

Blague means Joking in French. :)

Can you get fired for joking about workman's comp?

An employer need not have good reason for firing you, or any reason at all.

Is dhoni a good and stylish batsman?

good yet to become better.stylish???are u joking?not at all stylish in batting.......stylish only in advertisements....

What is 'joking' when translated from English to Italian?

"Joking" in English is scherzando in Italian.