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I wunder that too. She should be, I think she's less anoying than Peach. Princess Daisy info: Princess Daisy is the princess of Sarasaland. Her first appearance was in 1989 in Super Mario Land, in which she is kidnapped by the tyrannical alien Tatanga, who plans to marry her and rule her kingdom. Daisy later appeared in NES Open Tournament Golf as Luigi's caddy. She then appeared in Mario Tennis, after which she started appearing in Mario sports and party games. She also appears in the Mario Kart series; most recently in Mario Kart Wii as an unlockable character. She has been a playable character in every Mario Party game except for the first two and Mario Party Advance. The infant version of herself, Baby Daisy, debuted in Mario Kart Wii as an unlockable character, and also appears in Mario Super Sluggers. Daisy's first voice actress was Kate Fleming in Mario Tennis for the Nintendo 64. Daisy's next voice actress was Jen Taylor, who provided her voice in Mario Party 3, Mario Party 4 and Mario Party 5. In every other game, Daisy has been and is currently voiced by Deanna Mustard.[citation needed] Outside Video Games, Daisy appears as a main character in the Super Mario Bros. 1993 film, played by Samantha Mathis. She also appears in the comic books. Peach has pallet swaps in Super Smash Bros. Melee and Super Smash Bros. Brawl which borrow the colors of Daisy's design. In Brawl, she also has multiple stickers and a trophy. Princess Daisy (Japanese: Deiji-Hime) is the princess of Sarasaland, who first appeared in the game Super Mario Land. Years after the release of Super Mario Land, Daisy started appearing in more and more Mario games. She now appears in the majority of Mario games; most regularly as a playable character. Daisy is known to be a tomboy, and her special abilities often deal with flowers. She is best friends with Princess Peach, and is known to be in relationships with characters like Luigi, Mario, and more. She was created by Gunpei Yokoi, Shigeru Miyamoto's mentor. Yokoi passed away eight years after her debut appearance, and three years before she appeared as a major character in another Mario game. It is possible that Daisy's re-debut into the Mario series was a tribute to his passing. Daisy has been appearing in the Mario series for almost eight years straight, and continues to do so. During the events of Super Mario Land, Sarasaland, a neighboring desert nation friendly to the Mushroom Kingdom, was invaded by the space invader Tatanga. His armies conquered the country, and Daisy, the leader of Sarasaland, was kidnapped by him. Mario attempted to rescue the princess and liberate Sarasaland. Mario had to travel through each kingdom of Sarasaland, fighting new enemies at the end of each one. Every time he defeated a level's Boss, what appeared to be Daisy would thank the hero; however it turned out that common enemies were simply disguised as Daisy, forcing Mario to explore another kingdom. In the end Mario found the real Daisy being held captive by Tatanga. After a long battle in his plane, the Sky Pop, Mario was able to defeat Tatanga and rescue Daisy. The game ends with Mario and Daisy flying away in the Sky Pop. Although Daisy did not actually appear in the sequel, Super Mario Land 2: 6 Golden Coins, the game revealed that Wario had, in fact, hired Tatanga to kidnap Princess Daisy in the previous game. Wario used Princess Daisy's kidnapping as bait to lure Mario to Sarasaland. This gave Wario the time to conquer Mario Land while Mario was distracted. Minor HelpFor a long period of time, Daisy was considered an obscure character in the Mario franchise. After being rescued from Tatanga, Daisy snagged a cameo as Luigi's caddy in NES Open Tournament Golf. After that, she appeared as a clerk in the game Mario is Missing. Like other people Luigi spoke to throughout the game, Daisy provided Luigi with information about the area the green plumber was at, or information on the artifact Luigi was holding. This was mostly for educational purposes, as the game was basically just that.

Becoming Part of the Gang Daisy made her reappearance in the Marioverse about one decade after her appearance in Open Tournament Golf and Mario is Missing, in the games Mario Tennis and Mario Party 3. In Mario Party 3, these traits endured, but her tomboyish side was greatly emphasized, and she was rather boastful about herself. In fact, proving that she was not simply a "dainty princess", Daisy actually punched Bowser, sending him soaring into the sky; simply because he was in her way. Her partner in battle mode was a Snifit whom had a large attack strength and defense. Daisy, like Waluigi, was not playable in the story mode of the game; however, she appeared after the player completed the first five regular/Duel boards. When this occurred, Daisy would appear and butter up the Millennium Star into giving her the Beauty Star Stamp. The Millennium Star began to award her the Star Stamp, but the player contested that decision. Afterwards, the Millennium Star decided the player and Daisy should duel on the Backtrack Board for the stamp. Daisy has appeared in every Mario Party and Mario Tennis console game since. According to a scene in Mario Party 3's story mode, Daisy isn't the only ruler of Sarasaland. Once the player defeats her and wins the beauty stamp, she will run off while shouting, "Augh! I don't believe this! I've never lost--not even to my dad!" Princess Daisy is the princess of Sarasaland, which is made up of four kingdoms: Muda, Easton, Birabuto, and Chai. We were first introduced to her in Super Mario Land, where she was kidnapped by Tatanga, an alien, and was rescued by Mario. For a long period of time after that, Daisy didn't appear in any game. Until some years later (that's some vacation), she appeared in Mario Tennis 64. After that, she started appearing in more and more games. You got to see what Daisy was really like in these games. She turned out to be a cheerful tomboy, which is a bit unusual for a princess, but that's why her fans love her.

Cheerful. Spunky. Skillful. That's Daisy for you. Daisy is usually considered a tomboy, but there's more to her than just that. She's a very energetic and competitive person (see all Mario Sports games :D). She's the type who won't give up without a fight. Daisy knows fun when it comes to sports, and enjoys spending time with her friends. Daisy is often called "cute" in official profiles, but don't be fooled by her looks. She'll swallow you up alive in the racetrack if you're ever in her way. Overall, Daisy can be described as tough, bright, lively, and full of energy kind of girl. Other than being the tough cookie she is, Daisy loves to hang out with her friends and likes to make new ones.

Daisy's abilities and special attacks usually deal with flowers. Weather it's tennis, racing or baseball, all of her "special attacks" had to do something with flowers (flowers, flower pedals, etc.). But in Mario Strikers Charged we were shown a new ability of Daisy's: crystals. Daisy was able to summon huge crystals from the ground as a "super ability" in Mario Strikers Charged. Even though Daisy may seem like a fragile girl, she's one of the strongest people in the Mario crew. In Mario Golf: Toadstool Tour, Daisy had the longest ratio hit than any other human player. While Daisy can be considered an all-around player, she leans more towards technique. = Game Appearances =


Super Mario Land (April 21, 1989), NES Open Tournament Golf (September 1, 1991), Mario Tennis GBC (November 1, 2000), Super Smash Bros. Melee (November 21, 2001), Mario Kart Arcade GP 2 (2007), and Super Smash Bros. Brawl (January 31, 2008). PLAYABLE

Mario Tennis N64 (July 21, 2000), Mario Party 3 (December 7, 2000 ), Mario Party 4 (October 21, 2002), Mario Party-e (February 7, 2003), Mario Golf: Toadstool Tour (July 28, 2003), Mario Kart: Double Dash!! (November 7, 2003), Mario Party 5 (November 10, 2003), Super Mario Fushigi no Janjan Land (2004), Mario Power Tennis (October 28, 2004), Mario Party 6 (November 18, 2004), Super Mario Fushigi no Korokoro Party (2005), Yakuman DS (March 31, 2005), Mario Superstar Baseball (July 21, 2005), Mario Party 7 (November 7, 2005), Mario Kart DS (November 14, 2005), Super Mario Strikers (November 18, 2005), Super Mario Fushigi no Korokoro Party 2 (2006), Mario Hoops 3-on-3 (July 27, 2006), Mario Kart Arcade GP 2 (2007), Mario Strikers Charged (May 25, 2007), Mario Party 8 (May 29, 2007), Itadaki Street DS (June 21, 2007), Mario & Sonic at the Olympic Games (November 6, 2007), Mario Party DS (November 8, 2007), Mario Kart Wii (April 10, 2008), and Mario Super Sluggers (June 19, 2008). = Her Kingdom =

Sarasaland (not Sarasa Land) is a region of Mushroom World. Sarasaland is made up of 4 kingdoms: Muda, Easton, Birabuto, and Chai. These 4 kingdoms were only seen in Super Mario Land (for Gameboy) so they don't look as great as other places you've seen. Muda is the ocean-themed kingdom out of the four. Easton is actually a kingdom that is based off of Eastern Island. It even has the mysterious Moai statues visible throughout the kingdom. Birabuto is a Egyptian themed kingdom. You see pyramids and even hieroglyph carvings in the cave levels when you play Super Mario Land. It's also the first level in the game. And last, but not least, the the China themed Chai. If I'm not mistaken, Chai is the last level you play in Super Mario Land before you face Tatanga. Some people believe that Daisy's Circuit (Mario Kart Wii) took place in Sarasaland, but nothing has been confirmed about it's setting. There's some info on Daisy. No one knows why they don't use her much, but I think that you can decide for yorself with this information. Hope it helped :)

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Q: Why is daisy not a main character in the Mario games?
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