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Because there's blood, some bad language, and violence. But some rated m games are 16 plus, which is half rated t and half 18 plus

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Q: Why is counterstrike rated m for mature?
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What is Naughty Bear rated?

Its rated M for mature

What is gta5 rated?

it is rated M for Mature

What will socom 4 be rated?

It is rated Mature or M

What does rated m stnd for?


What Halo 2 rated?

It's rated M for Mature

Is jackass rated m for mature?

no rated t for TEEN

What will splinter cell be rated?

M for mature.

What is crackdown 2 rated?

M for mature.

What rating is halo reach?

Halo: Reach is rated M (Mature) for blood and violence.

Why is the first Assassins Creed rated m?

rated m for mature,man,men,or massive

Is MW2 rated m for the multiplayer?

Modern Warfare 2 (mw2) is rated m for MATURE.

What will Call of Duty world at war be rated?

Call of Duty WAW is rated M for mature. Every Call of Duty Game that ever comes out will be Rated M for Mature!