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It would be very difficult for vehicle to climb up a hill if the road is very steep.Hill roads are built with gradual slopes so that a vehicle can climb it up easily.The longer the slope for same height the easier will be the climbing for vehicle,but it has to travel a greater distance.

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Q: Why is a road going up a hill always a gradual slope?
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How do you use gradual in a sentence?

At the start of the hill the slope was very gradual but it quickly got steeper.

How do you use the word gradual in a sentence?

At the start of the hill the slope was very gradual but it quickly got steeper.

What does it mean for a line to have a negative slope?

If a line has a negative slope it is going 'down hill' and if it has a positive slope it is going 'up hill'

How can you determine whether the contour on a tropographic map show a gradual slope?

You can tell if a landform has a steep or gentle slope by looking at it. If the hill is small, it is not steep. A steep slope would be at more of an incline.

What are some real world examples of negative slope?

a skier going up a hill a skier going down a hill

What is a hill with a steep side called?

"The Side of a Hill" or a slope.

What word describes the word gradient?

Synonyms for gradient: acclivity, bank, declivity, grade, hill, incline, rise, slope Adjectives that describe gradient: steep gradual positive negative sharp localized

Name for the incline of a hill?

The incline of a hill is its slope. The term slope is also used in math.

Side of a mountain or hill?

The slope.

What equations will have a graph with a slope of negative 3?

That will depend on what equations but in general if it has a slope of -3 then it will have a down hill slope

What is the flattening of a slope on a hill to prevent erosion?

flattening of slope is generally a method of cutting the hill slope in the shape of steps. these steps being horizontal instead of slopey is better to check erosion.

How can snowboarding relate to geometry?

slope of the hill