Why is Waluigi so skinny?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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because hes a knob like Mario the game

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Q: Why is Waluigi so skinny?
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Is waluigi skinny?

Um..... if you look at pictures of him you'll see he is skinny.

If Waluigi died who would his son marry?

Waluigi doesn't have a son! Wait, he does. Wadaisy is his wife, so his child must be Baby Waluigi. What does Baby Waluigi look like? Tell me! Anyway, Baby Waluigi would marry baby wadaisy.

What can you do with luigi in super Mario 64 ds?

Luigi is the best after Waluigi so pick him a lot unless you have Waluigi.

Why does Waluigi hate Luigi?

Luigi's mother had 3 kids luigi mario and waluigi luigi and waluigi were twins and shared a room and mario had his own room luigi started crying so his mother came and got him and waluigi and put them in the car they got taken to the hall for a baby show but waluigi got zapped by a light that turned him evil so luigi won the bay show

Is waluigi in nsmb?

i don't think so ): i wish he was

Is Waluigi in Super Mario Galaxy?

Waluigi does not appear in Super Mario Galaxy.

Who is older Wario or Waluigi?

Waluigi is about 30 and Wario is about 28

What if Waluigi has his own game?

He doesn't so to bad. Not really.

How do you be waluigi in super Mario 64?

You can’t be Waluigi in super Mario 64! Because Waluigi was not exist in 1996

What does Waluigi look like?

Waluigi is another character from the 'Mario'games. He first appeared in Mario Party and is in most Mario games today (in my opinion he is the best character!) Waluigi is Luigi's alter-ego. He appears to have Supernatural-Powers:Swim in air,transform into his logo (upside-down L) and make a small tornado by spinning.

Wario is Mario's alter-ego and waluigi is luigi's alter-ego and Mario is luigi's bro so are wario and waluigi bros?

I think so. I don't think nintendo gave an official answer though

How do you turn into waluigi in Super Mario?

You can't turn into Waluigi.