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It;s not

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Q: Why is Pokemon episode 397 banned?
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Is Pokemon episode kangaskhan kid banned?

As far as known, no. However, the episode following it, "The Legend of Dratini," was banned due to the use of firearms in the episode.

Why is Pokemon Episode 35 banned for English?

Because of the threatening use of guns

Why is Pokemon Episode 38 banned?

Pokémon Episode 38 was the Porygon-related episode that sent hundreds of people to the hospital with serious seizures so the government in Japan banned it which means no one is capable of airing it.

Why is pokemon episode 35 banned?

Because they say it was use of a gun in towards people. Children were doing it because of that episode.

Why was the Pokemon episode Holiday at Aopulco banned?

because james and his big fat boops

What is the first banned Pokemon episode?

Episode 18 Beauty and the Beach. For more info, go to, scroll down and look on the left.

Is there really a lost Pokemon episode?

umm... no not really but there is something close to that its the banned episodes like Beauty and the beach original banned for James having inflatable boobs porygon the electric soldier banned for millions of people in japan had seizures the Pokemon episode that i don't know it's name banned for team rocket being shot at in the safari zone tentecool & tentacruel banned do to the resemblance to 9/11 later brought back on air by 4kids

Which Pokemon episode did Ash kiss May?

It's true they did kiss in episode ' 357 Kiss under the mistletoe' but parents complained and it got banned if it never been banned advanceshipping would have been in a lead againts all others Ash also kissed other girls named Melody and Bianca

Which Pokemon episodes have blood in them?

There are no Pokemon episodes with blood in it. It's a family-friendly series, so any adult themes would be banned from the series. For instance, at least one episode, "The Legend of Dratini," was banned due to the use of firearms.

What is the name of the Pokemon episode when May and Drew watch the sunset together?

in the episode where may saves drew i think its in the pokemon series

Why is Pokemon episode 18 banned?

James was showing of his inflatable breasts for a beauty contest. This was censored in the USA after being aired on TV.

What is the most famous banned pokemon episode?

The Porygon Episode where a flash of red and blue lights flashes really fast and caused 1000's of kids world wide to go the hospital.