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because the three birds are hiting each other and they mite of killed ash if lugia did not come

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Q: Why is Lugia fighting the three legendary birds in the movie?
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What movie is super saiyan 3 broly in?

movie 8 the legendary super saiyan

Is dragonite legendary?

No. Legendaries do not evolve. They can only change forms, like Shaymin. Hope this helps!this is a question 2 that guy ^ but how come phanphy evolves into manphy? but mew does not evolve into mewtwo, watch the first movie, its made, but the way i see it no he is not a legendaryDisregard the first two answers. Dragonite is a Pseudo-legendarypokemon. The base stat line for all legendary pokemon is 580, any higher is considered legendary. Dragonite's base stats are 600. These are also pokemon who have a 3 stage evolution chain and their 3rd stage has a base stat line of 580 or higher.So technically Dragonite is legendary, but not in the same way Lugia is.

In what episode does ash meet a Lugia in season 2 orangr islands Pokemon?

The only times Ash met lugia were in the movie "Pokemon 2000: The Power of One" and in episodes 220, 221, and 222 of season 5.

What Pokemon can talk?

Almost all talking Pokémon speak through Telepathy(except Meowth).To my knowledge there are:1. Meowth (Team Rocket - who can forget about him?)2. Lapras (Ash's from the Orange league)3. Mewtwo (1st Movie - the 1 and only)4. Lugia (2nd Movie)5. Slowking (2nd Movie)6. Jirachi (6th Movie)7. Deoxys (7th Movie)8. Lucario (8th Movie)9. Manaphy (9th Movie)10. Darkrai (10th Movie)11. Shaymin (11th Movie)12. Lugia (2nd Movie)from my knowledge:zorua: zoroark the master of illusions

Why didn't Raikou get a movie or game?

I don't know, wish he did. My favorite legendary pokemon! Maybe they will make one in the future.

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Is there a 13th Pokemon movie?

Yes,At The Special Premiere Of Pokemon 12th Movie They Showed A Teaser Where Lugia And Ho-oh Are Fighting, Although This Doesn't Prove That Lugia Is Fighting Ho-oh In The Movie.

Who is the legendary Pokemon on the power of one movie?

That would be lugia, articuno, moltres and zapdos.

What episode of Pokémon has the most legendary Pokémon?

do you mean in the movie? the 2nd movie. they shown Lugia, Moltres, Zapdos and Articuno there.

Will there be a 13th Pokemon movie featuring Ho-oh and Lugia?

Yes, the 13th movie does feature Lugia and Ho-Oh and also the three legendary beasts. In Japan it is coming out on July 4, 2010. is the source. Actually, the movie' s gonna feature the Legendary Beasts, Celebi, AND the new Pokemon Zorua :D IDK about Lugia and Ho-oh since they're not on the movie web site.

What movie is lugia in?

Lugia is in the second movie, Pokemon 2000.

Is there a Pokemon 13?

The film about Arceus is the 12th Pokemon movie. The 13th Pokemon movie is about Celebi who sees the three legendary dogs fighting in the future and he's going to try to stop them.

Is dark Lugia real?

Dark/Shadow Lugia is only available in the Gamecube game Pokemon XD: Gale of Darkness.

What is Lugia's song?

Lugia's song is a song that Lugia sings in the movie Pokemon 2000 to stop Zaptos, Moltrace, and Artacno from fighting and from destroying the world.To hear Lugia's song please go to the following website You!By:Justin Kurtz you spelt the names wrong. its Articuno, Zapdos and Moltres.

Is arceus and the jewel of life the last Pokemon movie?

No there is a lugia vs ho-oh movie coming out

Is heatran a legendary Pokemon becauseI was reading about the arceus movie and it said heatran is under the control of a trainer in the movie?

yes heatran is a legendary

What Pokemon movie are Melody and Lugia in?

They are in the second Pokemon movie:The Power of One

Where was the movie legendary filmed with cena in it?