Why doesn't my ps2 controller work?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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Because its old or you broke it somehow.

Or what happened is one of the prongs in the input for the controller is missing. That happens a lot.

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Q: Why doesn't my ps2 controller work?
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Will my PS2 controller work on my PC?

No,a PS2 controller will not work on your PC.

Can you use a PS2 looking controller on a PS2 system?

It must actually be a PS2 controller for it to work

Can a PS1 controller work on justice league heroes for ps2?

A Playstation controller will never work as good as a PS2 controller and you need to just buy a PS2 used controller for a few bucks

Your ps3 controller doesnt play your ps2 games?

Do you have a Dual Shock 3 controller if not then get one

Can a ps2 game be played with a ps3 controller?

The PS3 controller does not work on the PS2 console

Does a duals shock 3 work on ps2?

No it is a PS3 controller and will not work on the PS2

Use PSP 2000 as a PS2 controller?

No it does not work for PS2

Does a ps2 controller work on the ps3?


Does a regular playsation controller work for a ps2?

PS1 controllers will work on a PS2. However, PS3 controllers will not work with a PS2.

What should you do if your PlayStation 2 wireless controller won't connect?

Charge it, then try, if that doesnt work, restart the PS2. Make sure that any other remotes are not set to primary, if that doesnt work get a new one.

Why cant you use ps2 controller to play nba live 08?

Your controller is probably broken, it should work. Make sure it's a PS2 controller with a PS2 console.

PS1 controller work on ps2 system?

The PS2 controller is better when would you want to play with a controller that was not as good