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You need the national pokedex 1st....

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Q: Why doesn't beldum evolve in Pokemon FireRed?
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Does lapras evolve in pokemon firered?

no, lapras doesnt evolve at all

When does beldum evolve in Pokemon Emerald?

Beldum evolves at Level 20.

What do you do if Beldum does not evolve in Pokemon Emerald?

Beldum evolves at level 36.

Does hitchan evolve on Pokemon FireRed?

HitMONchan? and no he doesnt on any game so far.

What level does a beldum evolve in Pokemon soulsilver?

Beldum evolves at level 20.

How do you get Metang on Pokemon Platinum?

Evolve Beldum.

Does any rare Pokemon evolve?

There are some 'rare' Pokemon that evolve (for example, Beldum), but no legendaries evolve.

In Pokemon Black and White what level does beldum evolve?

beldum evolves into metang at level 20

How do you evolve murkrow in Pokemon FireRed?

You cannot evolve Murkrow in FireRed.

Does Ditto evolve on Pokemon FireRed?

ditto does not evolve on firered or leafgreen

What level do beldum evolve in Pokemon ruby?

Level 33.

Pokemon emerald what lvl do beldum evolve?

at level 20