Why does the minecraft ghast have tears?

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2014-01-31 23:51:03

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Because of its looks, it looks sad. Like it is crying. That is what i presume

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2014-01-31 23:51:03
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Q: Why does the minecraft ghast have tears?
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What do ghast tears do in minecraft?

Ghast tears are used to make many potions.

What are the spawn requirements for a ghast in minecraft?

You have to be in the Hell biome and the ghast needs a 5x5x5

Can you do with a gast in Minecraft?

When you kill a Ghast you often get a "Ghast Tear" which you use to make potions.

Are Ghast real?

once again possible but are in minecraft :)

How big is a ghast in minecraft?

Ghasts are estimated 6X bigger.

How do you complete return to sender in Minecraft?

You go to the Nether. Then wait for a ghast to shoot a fireball at you. Just before it hits you, attack the fireball with a sword. It should shoot back and kill the ghast.

What is a nether in minecraft?

it is hell. in the nether, all the enimies are ghast,blaze,magma cube,and zombie pigman

What is a ghast in Minecraft?

A ghast is a huge ghost like mob in Minecraft that lives only in the Nether, unless hacked or spawned with a spawner egg in creative mode. They are aggressive, shoot fireballs that explode on contact, and make a creepy crying and moaning noise. They do fly, and are personally annoying.

What is the biggest mob in Minecraft?

The Ender Dragon is the largest vanilla Minecraft mob in the game.

Can you tame a ghast?

no, you can not tame a ghast

How do you kill a Ghast in Minecraft?

If you're careful, you can 'attack' one of its fireballs as it's about to hit you, deflecting it back at the Ghast, which will kill it in one go. Apart from that, really, using a Bow and Arrows is the only way to effectively fight them.

What does ghast mean?

ghast means to kull khara

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