Why does the left 4 dead witch cry?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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She Cries because she wants to be Human but she has a Short Fuse and if she kills you she sees what she's done gets Ashamed and runs away.

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Q: Why does the left 4 dead witch cry?
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Why does witch cry from left 4 dead 2?

Because she doesn't want to be a zombie.

In left 4 dead how do you play as the witch?

you can't mate :(

What the infected in left 4 dead used to be?

in the first left 4 dead the infected where the spitter, smoker, hunter, tank, witch, hord

Left 4 dead 2 who is stronger charger or witch?

The witch, the charger doesn't stand a chance.

What is the best strategy for killing the witch on left 4 dead?

snipe kill from a distance

Is the witch from Left 4 Dead 2 a boss?

No. In Left 4 Dead 2 there are no bosses. Witches will spawn in random places on your map usually 1-2 per part.

In left 4 dead can you play as the witch?

No, Boomer Smoker and Hunter Only I'm afraid.

What is a witch in left 4 dead?

A witch is a boss-like enemy in Left 4 Dead. It sounds like a small girl crying and screeching. If you get too close to it or shine your light on it for too long it will freak and take down the person who spooked her. You can sneak around some of them though.

What will there be in left 4 dead 3?

A screamer a spiker just like the screamer and a black haired witch and new survivors

How can you play against in left 4 dead with 100 witches?

Add z_spawn Witch into the console and spam 100 times.

What is better farcry 2 or left 4 dead?

Well i haven't played farcry but i like Left 4 dead It just depends if you like shooting zombies or terrorists. Ive played both and Far Cry 2 is one of my all time favourite games and to be honest Left 4 Dead although good its a bit short

Who is the strongest zombie on left 4 dead 2?

The tank is the second strongest monster and the witch is the first it is a one hit kill