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because the cheat maker(action reaplay, or R4) is hacking the game

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Q: Why does the Pokemon diamond game freeze when doing pokedex 100 percent?
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Why does your game freeze when you put in the Pokemon diamond game id number?

it should'nt

How do you get rid of the glitch that makes your Pokemon Diamond freeze when you see your Pokemon in palpark?

Use a legit game and not a flashcart or emulator.

Why does Pokemon diamond game freeze?

Maybe something is wrong with the DS unless you are trying to get the secret platform.

Why does your Pokemon diamond always freeze when you try to catch your migrated Pokemon from pal park?

It must be your game because mine and my mates never freeze when we try to catch migrated pokemon there may be some sort of glitch hidden in your game

Is there a game freeze action replay code for Pokemon diamond?

Some action replay codes freeze your game up because they aren't responding correctly

Why does Pokemon diamond game freeze at the battle tower?

it is being saved It doesn't with my diamond it's probably just your's stalling. Or the obvious answer would be it is saving.

How do you get a Hoenn Pokemon in your pokedex in Pokemon white?

If you have a wireless connection and two ds' or dsi's you can let that happen. In Pokemon black and white later on in the game it will allow you to do that. but be careful if you do because it could freeze your game or ds. hope this helped

Why does Pokemon diamond freeze when you got to fight area?

Probably just you. Are you cheating? If so, that's why. If not, it could be any number of reasons.

Why does the move modifier code from action replay for Pokemon Diamond freeze your game?

You may want to check if you inserted it right because it never did that to me.

What moves freeze a Pokemon?

Type your answer here... Ice Beam , Blizzard, and ice shard will freeze other pokemon

How do you put cheats on Pokemon diamond for ds?

Pokemon sucks eggs dude and ball sacks and I know some awesome cheat codes for it 1.poop on yourself 2.freeze your game 3.I hope you learned the lesson you poo

I know there is a cheat for Pokemon diamond on the action replay to let you run anywhere but is it a code or already built in?

Yes, it is built in. But be careful with it because if you go too far in the mystery zone, the game will freeze.