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That happens when the game runs out of RAM to use. Make sure no other programs are running and maybe even reduce a few settings. It can also happen due to world glitches.

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Q: Why does Minecraft run out of memory?
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How can you solve the javanetsocketexception on Minecraft?

allocate more memory to run minecraft. Use a 64-bit java for optimum peformance

How do you make minecraft run longer?

Depends, if the error was "Out of memory!". Then one easy solution, change the java settings.

How do you save a Minecraft saved game to a memory stick?

Move the world into the memory stick in .minecraft

How do you get a mod to work for Minecraft?

you have to go to start, click run, click your .minecraft folder, take the downloaded mod (it has to be zipped) click open archive, then with the .minecraft folder, you find bin go in, and open minecraft's archive, then you move the files in the mod archive folder to the minecraft archives. (some things might be wrong, but that's because i used pure memory to answer this, and i have a bad memory. )

What does it mean when Minecraft is out of memory?

When Minecraft says "Minecraft has run out of memory" it means you glitched or something like that but if it says it a lot it probably means you don't have everything up to date in your computer. One time I blew up a HUGE hole with tnt. It almost went down to bedrock! Anyways I filled it almost to the top with tnt and blew it up. Right after that it said "Minecraft has run out of memory" and it slowed down my computer like ten times. I could never get back onto that world so I had to delete it.

Is Steve was a random name or was a memory of someone in minecraft?

Steve was not a random name but a memory of someone in Minecraft.

Does RAM make minecraft run faster?

Yes, the more RAM (Random Access Memory) you have will make Minecraft run smoother, though you don't have to have very much. Closing programs you aren't using at the time helps speed up Minecraft, and also changing your render distance within Minecraft will help speed it up.

Can you save Minecraft on a memory stick?

yes, tto save it tho you would have to go to the run in the bottom left corner and type in %appdata%, click roaming and save the .minecraft, and when you would like to play it, put the .minecraft back where you took it from.

Can a Asus g50 run Minecraft?

yes a g50 can run on minecraft

Why is memory is slow?

minecraft pe is slow

Can minecraft run on my computer. with 1 gigabyte ram and 98 Meagabytes of video card memory?

If you have 1GB of total RAM, then it will run VERY VERY slowly. I would recommend buying another 1GB or so of RAM and a better graphics card if you want a decent Minecraft experience.

When was Memory Run created?

Memory Run was created in 1996.