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Boutique system designer Digital Storm claims to be the first system integrator to build a gaming PC called Hailstorm. Pricing begins at $2,800 USD for a Hailstorm II System.

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Q: Why does Digital Storm claim to be the first system integrator to build a gaming PC line?
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Which Computer Would Be Best For Gaming?

Alienware make the best Windows gaming computers.

What is the best computer for gaming that cost from 500-1000?

You have 3 options, build your own, a Velocity Micro, or a Digital Storm.

What are some desktop computers suited for gaming in 2013?

According to toptenreviews, the best PC for gaming in 2013 is the Cyberpower Black Pearl, which has a Dual GTX 580s and Core i7-980X processor. The Black Pearl is followed in second place by the Digital Storm Hailstorm.

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A online review site has listed the top ten gaming computers. Their top recommendations include the Cyberpower PC Black Pearl, Digital Storm's Hailstorm model, Velocity Raptor's Signature Edition.

Would the Storm Scout ATX Mid-Tower be a good choice if you wanted to build a gaming computer?

The Storm Scout ATX Mid-Tower would make an excellent choice for building a gaming computer, especially if you are interested in LAN gaming, due to its durability and strength, as well as its showcasing design!

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Well i have found digital storm computers have some of the best graphics. But it all depends on graphics card and display, monitor. If you have the money buy digital storm computers, at the moment they have the fastest gaming computer. That's just their specialty, they have office computers too. They have preassigned packages for each computer, and every part can be upgraded and they give you a customization page before you buy that allows you to upgrade a part such as a better graphics card. Hope this helped!

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I would say yes and no. I've personally used Digital Storm for many years with very few problems. Their customer service is great along with their computers. The only problem I've had with Digital Storm is their price. Digital Storm charges a unjustifiably large premium for their computers, especially when you can get the same quality and customer service from smaller custom boutiques. I first discovered that when reading a few reviews from Digital Storm's customers. They were like me, happy with the computer, but unsatisfied with the price. A few of them mentioned an alternative to Digital Storm, Ironside Computers. At first, I was very skeptical about them, since I've always had the mentality of the more you pay the more you get, but after investigating the company and a call to customer service, I have since never looked back. Ironside's customer service is top notch and the computer they built me has been running for a little less than a year now, without any problems. They are definitely a great alternative to Digital Storm if you want to save money.

Is the Dell Xps 8500 or the Hp Envy H8 a better computer for gaming?

They're both bad in GPU power wise. Both computers aren't even meant for gaming. They're mostly for work, not play. They rely heavily on CPU, not GPU power I'd go for the Dell Xps 8500 if I had to choose. Only because its CPU is really good, it's GPU is complete garbage though, and the HP Envy has nothing going for it. If you want a prebuilt gaming PC just choose something like Digital Storm, Alienware, or something similar.

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