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That's just a little slang thing and to show its their name. My cousins do it cuz theyre cool like dat

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Q: Why do people type a word then put an x at the end?
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What does it mean when you put the apostrophe at the end of a word?

It means there is already an "s" at the end of the word

A syllable placed at the end of a word is called a?

A suffix is put at the end of a word to change something about the word like its use.

How do you use the word apathetically in a sentence?

you put an s, you put an s at the end

What is a word that means to do away with or put an end to?

To cease?

What is a word that means to put in danger?

people that put people gay

What are suffixes and prefixes?

A suffix is something you put at the beginning of a word and a suffix is something you put at the end of a word.

How do you put lines threw your words on bebo?

To put lines through your words you havw tu put <strike> and then when you don't want a line through your word(s) anymore you type</strike> Hope this helped if you wnat a word to be bold then yu put <b> and put </b> at the end and the same for italics <i> and then </i> Lurv Tashii x

How do you put roman numerals in microsoft word?

Type them

Was McCarthyism a general?

No. McCarthyism is an idea that Senator McCarthy had that there were people in government and entertainment who were communist. He held hearings and put people on trial for communist thinking. Many screenwriters in the entertainment business were put on a blacklist because of him and couldn't work. For future reference any word you find with the (ism) at the end of the word means it is an idea or type of philosophy. Examples: communism, Buddhaism, abolitionism, absolutism, absenteeism, agism, autism, behaviorism.

How can you put revolt in sentence?

To put the word Revolt in a sentence just write the word revolt and add a period at the end. :P

Which word to put in front of show to make a new compound word?

im not sure but i think you can put dom at the end of show

How do write the in Chinese?

Answer write the end in Chinesedo you mean at the end of a film the appeared word''THE END''on the screen?In Chinese film it is put a word ''完''or ''剧终''instead of ''THE END''