Why do people like diamonds?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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because they are pretty and cost alot

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Q: Why do people like diamonds?
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What companies buy blood diamonds?

Some companies unknowingly buy blood diamonds through their supply chains. However, companies in the jewelry industry, particularly those not adhering to ethical sourcing practices, have been linked to purchasing blood diamonds in the past. It's important for companies to trace their supply chains and ensure they are not contributing to conflict or human rights abuses.

Why does every one want diamonds?

Not everyone wants diamonds. Some people do, but you can't say everyone does. Some think diamonds are pretty. Some like them because good ones are valuable. Some people don't like them because they look like expensive glass.

What do black diamonds look like?

Black diamonds are diamonds, but they are black, and not transparent. Follow the link, below, to see photos of black diamonds.

I would like to invest in diamonds, but I would like to know if the price of diamonds is going up or down?

Generally, people do not "invest" in diamonds. Diamonds are valuable in terms of profit if they can be sold for more than than the seller paid. But the price does not go "up or down;" there is no speculating.

What is more valuable diamonds or rubies?

i think its diamonds!(like in minecraft)

Why do psychiatrists say that people who like diamonds usually have a mental illness or somekind of disorder?

Psychiatrists say this because of Obsessive Compulsive Disorder. Most people who like diamonds not only like the diamonds but are usually attracted to shinny things as well/or anything that has value and is shinny. Almost like a newborn looking at everything that shines. Most of these people have OCD because of the love of diamonds themselves (addiction). They also become OC because the MUST keep everything that "can" look dull, shining like..... well a diamond. Causing them to keep most of everything always and absolutely clean. Most of these people also suffer from "Grandiosity" because they believe that just because they own diamonds that they are important. Some even get sexually aroused by diamonds (somewhat like a "Pyro"). A Pyro is a person who gets sexually aroused by a burning flame. Also, most people who like diamonds can also develop violent tendencies this is due to the fact that most diamond are taken from war zones in africa therefore giving these people "blood lust" for diamonds!

What do diamonds smell like?

Diamonds are odorless. They do not have a smell.

What does white diamonds smell like?

diamonds smell like the mine that they were from

Where do you get most metals from?

Most of the metals that people get like gold, silver, copper,and diamonds are from the ground.

How many more people did the blood diamonds kill?

Diamonds don't kill people -- people kill people. Since this is an illegal activity, a strict count of the number of people maimed or killed in pursuit of these diamonds is not available.

What are some consumption issues with diamonds?

people could get sick of how people are wasting diamonds on only jewelry.!

Is we're beautiful like diamonds in the sky a simile?

No, the phrase "we're beautiful like diamonds in the sky" is not a simile. It is a metaphor, as it directly compares "we" to "diamonds in the sky" without using "like" or "as."