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IGN (Imagine Games Network), is an entertainment website that has media such as films, games, and music. Companies may like IGN review games because IGN receives around 24,000,000 unique visitors every month.

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Q: Why do companies like IGN review games?
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What was the score of black ops get on its review?

On IGN it was an 8.5

How to find PSP games review online?

To find reviews online for games on the Sony PlayStation Portable, one could try one of the many game review websites. Examples include IGN, Gamespot and PSXtreme.

How do you convince your parents to let you get saints row 2?

Tell them that it got a very high review on IGN, and name all your homies who have it. Also tell them it is just like one of your other games you have.

Where can one find reviews for multiplication games?

One can find reviews for multiplication games from game review panels. These panels include IGN, Gamerscore, Playstation Network, and Microsoft games.

Are ign the game review website your god?

Yes they are everyone's god, their ratings are the best, long live IGN!!!

Where can a person find reviews for PC strategy games?

One can find reviews for PC strategy games at various places. These include sits like IGN, Game Informer, and any game review panel stretched out across the web.

Where can one find online video games rankings?

One can find online video games rankings on video game review sites, such as IGN. Also, online retailers such as Amazon keep track of rankings as well.

NHL09 or NHL2k9?

Well according to reviews from sources like IGN and Gameinformer, NHL09 is considered the better of the two games.

What does IGN Entertainment stand for?

IGN (an abbreviation for the former Imagine Games Network) is a multimedia news and reviews website that focuses heavily on video games. Its corporate parent is IGN Entertainment, which owns and controls separate sites such as GameSpy, GameStats and AskMen.

Where does someone find a use for the term IGN?

IGN is commonly used as an acronym for "In-Game Name" in the gaming community. It refers to the username or handle that a player chooses for themselves in a video game. It can be used when discussing online gaming, forums, or any platform where players interact with each other.

Where can a trailer for upcoming video games be viewed?

One can view video games trailers on websites like You Tube. They can also be found on gaming sites like Game Trailers, IGN, Games Radar and IT World.

Where can one find a listing on the newest psp games?

A list of PSP games can be found in the IGN website. There is also an IGN rating system there and one can even find out about upcoming PSP games in that website.