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This happened to me too, what i did was deleted all my cc and it worked. Now i only download from the official sims 3 website. Hope i helped.

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Q: Why do I get an error message when trying to load a saved game on The Sims 3 and how can I fix it?
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Whenever you start your sims 3 you got an error message saying ' there was an error during startup see the log for more details' how do you fix this?

You need to check the log to find out exactly what the error is (there are possibly millions) and then check the Sims 3 tech support site for fixes on that error.

What can you do when there's an error that says insert correct CD when you are trying to run Sims 2?

keep trying till it works, or shutdown and get back on :)

When I run The Sims 3 I get an error message saying I have installed an unofficial game modification but I have nothing installed except the official Sims 3 game updates can I fix this?

Absolutely not

What can you do when there's an error that says insert correct CD when you am trying to run Sims 2 on your computer?

keep trying till it works, or shutdown and get back on :)

What if your sims are stuck in a hot tub?

if you have the sims 2 for the PC then you can use a cheat to get them out. open the cheat menu and type in boolprop testingcheatsEnabled true then hold down the Shift button while clicking on the sims, select "Force error" a message will pop up saying there is an error, just select "reset" and your sim will be out of the hot tub

How can you save your game on Sims 3 if you get the error code 16 message?

Yes. You can do this by going to the Sims 3 menu, and rather than clicking 'save' to save your game, go to 'save as...' and then rename the game. This should work.

How do you get saved from death on Sims 2?

without getting died

How do you make a sims 2 back up file when you uninstall your sims and you wan to keep your sims?

I'm not sure about sims two, but when you un-install it should ask if you wanna remove saved data - say 'no'. If not then move the Sims files to a different location (probably do that in case it doesn't ask if you wanna keep the saved data)

Where is the saved game on Sims 2 Deluxe?

It's which ever family you played and saved before exiting the game.

How do you play the sims 2 theme song for the recorder?

you hold ERROR ERROR ERROR sorry this man was dissconnected from the internet

Does sims 3 require sims 2 to be downloaded?

no as long as you download the sims game that you are trying to play

Why isn't my Create a world working?

You should check if there's a message saying there's an error, if a message pops up find some way to fix it. If there's no message, you have to check your computer or the Sims 3 game and you have to check on Options to make sure everything is working right. Hope that helped, if it didn't oh well.