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to scare the enemy

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Q: Why did the Scottish paint their faces blue at war?
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Why did people paint their face in war?

There are multiple reasons on why warriors would paint their faces in war. Some reasons are that religion requires them or to add a factor of fear in it.

What color is Irish war paint?

Blue, made from woad

What colour is Indian war paint?

white, black , red and blue

Why does Ralph refuse to paint faces in lord of the flies?

Ralph refuses to paint faces in "Lord of the Flies" because he believes it is unnecessary and a waste of time. He values practical tasks that will help them be rescued rather than focusing on superficial appearances like the boys who paint their faces. Additionally, Ralph sees painting faces as a regression to savagery and a symbol of their descent into chaos on the island.

Why do the Celts wear blue paint?

Hiya, To answer your question, Ummm, They wore there blue paint to show there religion and that they were going into war.

When did Faces of War happen?

Faces of War happened in 2006.

When did Second War of Scottish Independence happen?

Second War of Scottish Independence happened in 1332.

When was Scottish National War Memorial created?

Scottish National War Memorial was created in 1927.

When was Faces of War created?

Faces of War was created on 2006-09-08.

How many Scottish and Irish fought in the revolutionary war?

About 48% of the colonies were Scottish and/or Irish so the majority fighting were Scottish and Irish.

Who were the winners of the Scottish league in 1941?

There was no Scottish League due to World War 2 in 1941.

Who were the winners of the Scottish league in 1943?

There was no Scottish League due to World War 2 in 1943.