Why did broly want to kill Goku?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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Goku and broly were born on the same day, goku was a loud crybaby and thus cased a restless broly to start crying. 30 so years later Broly never forgave him for it. Because of all that broly hates goku and wants to kill him.

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Q: Why did broly want to kill Goku?
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Why broly want to kill Goku?

The reason is because broly has so much anger from all the krap he went through with janemba

Will broly kill Goku?

no he wont unless u make a fanfic when he does

Why is broly mad at Goku?

When Broly and Goku were Babies, then Goku kept on crying loudly which irritated Broly and also made him cry.

Why did goku's punch kill broly?

Because the z fighters passed on there power levels to goku so goku got really massively powerful.

Why does king vegeta kill broly?

no. Gohan and his brother do along with the help of Goku's spirit.

What is the history between Goku and Broly?

broly and goku when where babys, had cribs by each other goku cried all the time and broly cried because he was mad at goku crying 24-7

What movies does Goku fights broly?

goku fights broly in movie 8 or when goten and gohan fought him, but broly still comes back as bio broly.

Who is stronger Gotenks or Majin Vegeta?

majin vegeta if goku and broly and every DBZ fighter was in this question goku will kill everyone

Who whould win Goku or broly?


Is broly stronger than Goku?

Yes. Goku in his MSSJ can beat Broly at best.

Broly vs Goku is what episode?

Broly does not fight goku in any EPISODES but he does in the movies. Broly the legendary super sayian Broly second coming Bio Broly Bio Broly is not considered to have Broly in it, a man has found Broly's blood creating Broly A Broly clone

Who is better Goku or Broly?

Broly is the most overrated DBZ Character. His personality is a same as kid buu, except Kid Buu can fight. Goku's a better fighter than Broly.Broly is one of the most terrible fighters in DBZ.Vegeta & Broly both want to fight goku but Vegeta has a greater drive than Broly throughtout the sagas.