Why did Cell absorb 17 and 18?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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Cell was created by the the same scientist (Gero) as them. His intention was for Cell to absorb them and reach his perfect form. which in the end he succeeds.

Dats true but after a kik 2 da stomach by gohan he spits out 18

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why didnt cell spit out 17

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Q: Why did Cell absorb 17 and 18?
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How does cell absorb the androids?

Dr. gero made cell to absorb the androids if 17 and 18 turn on him so he made cell and gave him the powers of goku freiza piccolo and maybe vegata and when cell was trying to grow he couldn't cause it wasnt to much space where he was born so Dr.Gero put cell in a egg and sent him to the pass to get back at his androids for turning on him and when cell came out of the egg he looked like a huge insect so he had to grow intill he shed out of his shell after that he was going and find android 17 and 18 but he found a city where he could of absorb people to get to his full power so he went to the city and there were people and he started to absorb them with his tail that he use to absorb people and Dr.Gero comes back in GT to get his revenge so he makes a new 17 and get the old 17 and make them into 1

Why does Cell want to absorb Androids 17?

To reach his perfect form.

What is cells story in dragonball z?

his main goal is to find android 17 and 18 and absorb them and then he wants to test his power by making a tournament called the Cell Games

Which episode of dbz does cell absorb 18?

in episode 1

Who is cell in Dragon Ball?

Cell is the ultamate android in dragon ball and the second strongest in whole dragon ball series while the first is super 17.He has to absorb #17and #18 to reach his ultamate form.Howewer he spits out #18 and absorbs goku.Later he was destroyed by gohan ssj2 and the earth returend to peace

Why does cell absorb android 18?

To become his perfect form. But Gohan kicks Cell and Cell spit out android 18. Then became his imperfect form. Look up cell spits out android 18 at What u waitin' 4? Do it dude/dudettes!

Can Android 17 and 18 absorb energy?

No they cant. Only 19 and 20 can but their power last forever.

What will the cell membrane will absorb?

The cell membrane will absorb food, water, and oxygen. .

How much forms cell has on Dragon Ball Z?

Cell has a total of 5 forms: larva cacoon imperfect form (without androids 17 and 18) semi perfect form (with android 17 only) perfect form (with both androids 17 and 18)

What are the release dates for Icons - 2002 Splinter Cell 1-17?

Icons - 2002 Splinter Cell 1-17 was released on: USA: 18 December 2002

Where does the cell came from?

an evil scientist, named "Dr. Jiro" is responsible for the birth of cell as well as of android 17 & 18.

Does android 17 die for good?

yes because cell regurgitates 18 and cell doesn't go back to his first form