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If it wont let you then you cant create your own jordan shoe.

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Q: Why cant you create your own signature Jordan shoe in NBA 2k12 and it will not let me view the endorsement?
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How do you get endorsed by Jordan in NBA 2k12?

Jordan sends you a letter

How do you get team Jordan in 2K12?

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When do you get to create your own signature shoe for my player nba 2k12?

When Jordan signs you to the brand. Then, I have seen people say you must win championships and go the playoffs. I think it's just that you have to do very well after he signs you.

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you go to nba ledgends and find MJ then you do the challenge to beat the neworleans hornets than you get the chicago bulls with michale jordan

How long does it take to sign with Jordan in nba 2k12 your player?

I don't know forsure, but for all my MP characters it was after my first "solid " game.

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