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you cannot use ra in a yugioh duel because the back is not similar to the cards. the ra card is yellow and its totally different from the anime series.

Ra's card has no rules text, and has 'This card cannot be used in a duel' in either English or Japanese, depending on which print it is.

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Q: Why can you not use ra in a duel Yu-Gi-Oh?
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What yugioh pack do you find winged dragon of ra in?

the Winged Dragon of Ra is not possible to get in a booster pack inEnglish. It has come in the video game Dawn of the Duel.

How do you get the dorm jackets in yugioh gx spirit caller?

to get the ra yellow, duel professor sartyr until he gives it to you. if you want the obelisk blue, i think you duel zane until he gives it to you.

Where to buy duel disk?

here to buy yugioh duel disk

Can you use the god cards in a duel?

There is a game-legal version of Ra and Obelisk.

What are the Yugioh serial numbers for obelisk the Tomentor Slifer the Sky Dragon and The Winged Dragon of Ra?

there isn't a serial number it just says This Card Cannot Be Used In A Duel. --hey um u know how u say it ses it cannot be used in a duel what about the winged dragon a ra the serial number there is in japanese. - That still says "This Card cannot be used in a duel" just in Japanese.

Who is died in yu-gi-oh?

Atem the spirit of the Pharaoh also known as Yami died at the end of Yugioh Duel Monsters. In Yugioh 5ds all of the former main characters from Yugioh GX and Yugioh Duel Monsters are dead. (most likely by age)

How do you get Ra yellow uniform?

are you talking about yugioh gx spirit caller? if so then you have to duel professor sartyr a certain amount of times, it can range from 1-100 even more hope this helps :P

Where can you get a yu-gi-oh duel disk?

you can get a yugioh duel disk to kaissa in glyfada with 50 euro.

What is kaibas password on 4kids Yugioh ultimate vault?


What is a standby phase?

Standby phase is in a yugioh duel after draw phase,you could use card effect at standby phase.

What is yugioh online?

its a game on the internet where you have to buy yugioh cards and duel point with you credit card if you ask me its point less

Does the duel accelerator on the Yugioh online website cost money?