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they are genetically enhanced so that they can wear the half-ton suit of armor that can take more damage than a standard soldier

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Q: Why are the Spartans in halo the most effictive soldiers?
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What is a halo spartan?

A Halo and a Spartan are two completely different things in the Halo universe. A Spartan is a super-soldier created from a kidnapped child with cybernetic and biological enhancements by UNSC. The UNSC Civilian Doctor Catherine.H led the venture and also created the EPIC Mjolnir armor. >>Spartans usually operate in squads such as blue team, the most recognised squad of spartans and certainly most elite. >>There are two Spartans projects currently in existence that are conducted by the UNSC ONI Section 3 branch. The SPARTAN II project was led by Dr Catherine.H and was made public to battle the dwindling hopes of the Human-Covenant war. The SPARTAN II project derived from the ORION supersoldier project. The SPARTAN III project is an effort led by *********** and trained by Lt Ambrose with Mendez (who helped train the SPARTAN IIs) which never went public and were used to run suicidal high risk missions. While the SPARTAN IIs only consisted of around seventy soldiers, the SPARTAN III is known to have spawned three companies, each around three hundred spartans strong. Nearly every spartan is dead. Halo is a ring in space round a star having the inner surface area many times the size of a planet available for habitation. These rings however are Weapons of Mass Destruction on a galactic scale that are designed to destroy the "flood" - a race of parasitic aliens who have defeated all before them - by the slightly round about method of killing every sentiant being in the universe first so that the "flood" starve. >> The halo arrays are radiological weapons of mass destruction* and were built to contain specimens of the flood as much as to wipe them out. *taken from 'Ghosts of Onyx'

Do you have halo reach disc?

This game hasn't even been released yet. The most recent Halo game is Halo 3: ODST.

Is halo 5 on Xbox 360?

Unlikely. Halo: CE (1) and Halo 2 were on the original Xbox, Halo's 3 and 4 are on the 360, so 5 and 6 will most likely be on the Xbox One.

Can you get halo on PS3?

if your talking about halo 2 or 3 no not legally anyway. for halo 1 though you "could" load an xbox emulator onto your ps3 and play it like that but most of the emulators for ps3 are quite buggy still.

Master chief from halo?

Master Chief is from Halo Halo wars masterchief was not in due to him at young age halo 1 is when masterchief is first seen on the Piller of Autem Halo 2 is when he is seen 2 and you dont play as him the whole game. halo 3 is the best part of masterchief he is seen in that game Most people think he dies at the end of halo 3 due to the crashed ship at the end and 117 on the ship wing. But if you have in on legendary it reveals at the end the beginning of halo 4 and a ship heading toward a unkown planet.

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Did the Covenant beat the Spartans in Halo Reach?

Yes they did. Most Spartans died at Reach, however some Spartans (such as June), were actually missing along with Dr. Halsey.

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Is there really halo reach fall of reach?

yes because all Spartans die NO THAT IS NOT TRUE! most of the Spartans die but a few got out on the giant space ship at the end. and you cant say all of them die because master chief (john spartan 117) was on the giant ship

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How did the Spartan people live?

They went to school to learn about fighting as a child and the ones who can master that "art" becomes soldiers. Most people can't fight well can were forced to become farmers, seen to the Spartans as the "lower class". The Spartans promote stealing and fighting.

What is reach in halo?

The other guy is right but the question is what is reach in halo Not what is halo reach Reach is a planet that you noble 6 and your squad lands on protecting it as the Covenant try to destroy it or something.

What did the Spartans value?

Spartans most valued honor, to die in the battlefield was a great achivement

When Spartans halo franchise are abducted as children what replaces them?

I assume you mean, when they pick a spartan collect them as a child what happens? Well they arent KIDNAPPED they are simply taken, and they arent children, most were around 15-19 they were usually joining the marines, but due to them being able to become spartans they got added to them, hope that helps...

Where are the spartan descendants?

"Halo Reference" Well, most of the U.N.S.C. Spartans were killed in the battle to save Reach from being destroyed (even thought they were unsuccessful) by the Covenant. Not many Spartans survived the genetic augmentation during their training any way. During the SPARTAN II project, out of the 60 Spartans (30 Male/30 Female), only 32 survived the augmentation, John-117 (Master Chief) being one of the survivors.