Why are Pokemon cute?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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Oh, but not every Pokemon is cute. Especially the "uber" and legendary Pokemon, who actually look quite ferocious, and not so much cute. And some are pretty scary (see: Gengar, Spiritomb).

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Q: Why are Pokemon cute?
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How do you get cute in Pokemon Sapphire?

A cute Pokemon would be pikachu.It's in the Safari zone.{there are lots more cute Pokemon that you have to find them on your own.}

How do you pass cute ultra rank visual in Pokemon Diamond?

You need strong but cute Pokemon attacks, and a Pokemon that's cute.

Is vulpix the cutest Pokemon?

That depends but she is cute cause she looks like a fox.Any Pokemon is cute! ^w^

Can you walk with Pokemon in Pokemon diamond?

You can walk with your Pokemon in Amity Square which is located in Hearthome City. However, you need a Pokemon that is "cute". Ask the ladies at the front to find about the "cute" Pokemon.

Can you get cute clothes for Pokemon contests on Pokemon pearl?


What cute Pokemon involves into gloom?


What Pokemon is cute and has six tales?

Vulpix =)

How do you walk with any Pokemon in amity square?

just get cute Pokemon and go in there

Is piplup the best Pokemon ever?

for a girl what likes cute Pokemon yes, but the best Pokemon is arceus

Can you catch the cute bear in Pokemon LeafGreen?


How do you win a master rank cute contest in Pokemon pearl?

find the right tms get a shiny pokemon raise it to level 100 teach it 4 cute moves

What Pokemon would you recommend to a pal?

Well it depends on the gender if a girl a cute Pokemon or a cool Pokemon for a boy.