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In the main hall of the castle, stand on the sun, turn to the stairs, and look up.
NOTE: Before you do this, a light must shine on the sun or nothing will happen!

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Q: Why In super Mario 64 you Stare into the ceiling but nothing happens?
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The ceiling fan is looking at me...what do i do?

Stare it out

How do i sleep?

stare at the ceilling

What happens when you stare at a mirror to long?

You see yourself for long periods when you stare at a mirror too long

What happens if to you if you stare at the sun for to long?

your eyes burn

Can cats sense evil spirits?

No animals are said to have spirits/souls.

What happens if you stare at an alpaca too long?

You will be blind and fall

What happens if you stare at a microwave?

you'll cause eye damage

What does it mean when you have a stare comp with a girl and you start to smile?

Nothing, it's common to want to smile during a stare comp no matter with who

What happens when you stare at something for a long time?

you start day dreaming. its simple

What if a hoot owl is staring at you?

Nothing. You could stare back but it really doesn't matter.

What happens if you like a guy and you are looking at him?

Nothin really but you might creep him out if you stare to long

What happens if you say betelgeuse 3 times?

Nothing in real life. But in the movie Betelgeuse will come and visit you and do something. He will come to your house and when you sleep he will stare at you and scare you all night it's true I tried it and almost pooped my pants.