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If Deoxys is caught using an encounter code, it won't obey due to an anti-cheating mechanic placed in the game by Nintendo. If you want a Deoxys that obeys you, you have to use a code to activate the Deoxys event and capture it from there.

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Q: Why Deoxys won't obey if we use it?
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Say you enter a code on a gameshark to start out with mew in Pokemon red blue and it wont work why?

well Nintendo put anti hacks into mew and deoxys.. they will not obey unless caught legimately. it wont work cause the code may be wrong. also it wont obey no matter what.

How come Deoxys won't obey you is it because you got him from action replay?

he wont obey you if you used the action replay code for encountering him or putting him directly into your box BECAUSE The developers put an anti hack code into deoxys, so use a TELEPORT CODE to get to birth island and solve the Puzzle and fight him. it works, i have done it both ways or YOU dont have enough badges !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

How do you make Deoxys obey you in Emerald?

I think if you have all badges, and beat the elite four he should obey you. I'm sorry, but you'll have to be an excellent Pokemon hacker if you want Deoxys and Mew to obey you.

When you catch a Deoxys on Pokemon LeafGreen why doesn't it obey?

It depends on it's level. Deoxys is primarily found on Birth Island at Level 30. If you do not have the Cascade Badge (or any badge above that), Deoxys will not obey you. However, the place needed to find Deoxys isn't available until you have allbadges and a Nintendo event is activated.

What do you do if lugia wont make an egg with your Deoxys?

It is not possible to do.

Is kazza bad?

no, but sometimes he wont obey to you

How to handle a puritan wife who won't obey?

how did puritans handle or punish a wife who wont obey?

Once a Pokemon does not listen doesnt it get to obey again?

Yes, it will obey once you get more badges. After getting all 8 badges, all Pokemon will obey regardless of level. Do note, though, that getting certain Pokemon such as Deoxys by the use of a cheating device can cause them to disobey you even if you have all 8 badges.

How do you get deoxys in darkness?

You can only use deoxys in battle now mode.

How do you get deoxeys in PokePark Wii?

you wont get deoxys until the VERY last part of the game

How do you get into space in Pokemon sapphire?

the space thing is a rumor to get deoxys, you can use a gameshark to warp or use the battle deoxys code

What should you do if a lv 40 wont obey?

get the next gym badge

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