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because you touch your self at night ha.

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I have no Idea
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because they don't have fur

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Q: Why DO the FEMALE sonic characters wear clothes?
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Why does blaze the cat where a cape?

Blaze the Cat wears a cape as part of her royal attire, reflecting her background as the princess of the Sol Dimension in the Sonic the Hedgehog series. The cape adds a regal and elegant touch to her character design, emphasizing her royal status and leadership role.

Why Sonic is a boy?

Well no-one really knows coz he doesn't have a you know what... Although when Sonic was born his parents must of known that he was a he! But all the male characters don't wear clothes but the female characters do! Apart from Sally Acorn who only wears boots and a cardigan Well of course hes a boy hes a CHARACTER can you imagine: sonic the girl Hedgehog

Does Sonic the Hedgehog wear clothes?

Yes. What, did you think he had one great big eye or something?

What clothes do Turkey people wear?

sonic the hedeghog

Why does Sonic the Hedgehog not ware cloths?

well do animals have clothes do they put on clothes no ok maybe girls of course maybe sonic does not want to wear clothes all the time

Why do the sonic characters wear gloves?

Just to hide there animal hands

Why doesn't tails wear clothes on sonic x?

He does, he wears shoes and gloves like the majority of the Sonic male cast.

What is the beat cartoon Characters in Rome?

marvin the martian and other cartoon characters that wear roman greek clothes

Is Corneria cold in Star Fox?

Yes, characters wear snow-clothes.

Is it okay to dress in a female clothes?

You can wear just about anything you want.

Why does sonic always wear gloves?

because Sonic was a classic game. All classic cartoon characters where white gloves. For example, Mario and Mickey Mouse.

What does it mean when a guy asks a female if he can wear her clothes?

When a guy asks a female if he can wear some of her clothes he is a cross-dresser and this does mean he is necessarily gay. Some men, generally in private love the feel of women's clothing and will wear women's clothing in private.