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Well, I'm not 100% sure but I think Moshi Monsters should win because it was just really challenging to get a Club Penguin and I didn't understand it very well.

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Q: Who would win Moshi Monsters vs Club Penguin?
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Which game is better Club Penguin or Moshi Monsters?

Contributors have said: Club Penguin is better because it is more safe and way more fun. Club Penguin is the most popular internet game for kids in the world. You can be a black belt, be an agent, meet new friends, and even celebrate holidays. If you want the best Club Penguin has to offer buy a membership. It is really fun to play. Moshi Monsters is better because it is the most popular game for kids. Club Penguin is a safe and fun environment for kids. Contributors have said: - - - - Moshi monsters is better than Club Penguin because the maximum friends on club penguin is 100. In Moshi Monsters, you can have up to 10,000 friends. Also, In Moshi, you can have up to 10,000 items in your house or room! In Club Penguin, you can only have up to 99 items in your house! In Moshi Monsters, you can have many more pets than in Club Penguin. In Club Penguin, so far, there are only 10 types that you can buy, and 8 of them are Members Only. In Moshi Monsters, you can have up to 55 at the moment and many more to come! In Club Penguin you have to be a Member to do anything fun. It's like a scam, makes you buy it to make the game fun! In Moshi Monsters, it can be fun with out a member ship. In Moshi Missions, at least you get a reward after you complete a Mission. In Club Penguin, you do not get a reward at all. In Club Penguin, the parties are fun, but in Moshi Monsters, there are not many parties. In Club Penguin, you can't visit any one's room unless they are in the room you are in. In Moshi Monsters, you can chat with your friends any where they want to, by using the message board. In Moshi Monsters, there are a lot of Surprises around every corner: in the Missions; like what Strange Glove might do next; if there is another member of CLONC; Or what moshling will you get next? In Club Penguin, it is the same thing, Herbert attacks, Rookie gives him answers, and Herbert always escapes! - - - - Club Penguin is the best thing ever! You can make your igloo have pets and even dress your penguin up! Sometimes there are parties. They are all great! Join Club Penguin. - - - - - Club Penguin is different than Moshi Monsters. They are both equal because they both need to be activated through email. But Club Penguin is better because of these 2 reasons: membership is cheaper and you can move around in places on the map. I know you can move around in moshi monsters too, but in club penguin you can chat to others anywhere. And you can move up down and its more 3D. Get both moshi monsters and club penguin. If you are only allowed one of them, choose club penguin. Its better. But if you are a non member it is totally boring. So this is what to do: club penguin and membership or moshi monsters non membership. Moshi Monsters is better if you can not be member on club penguin. - - - - Club Penguin is more boring than Moshi Monsters! Club Penguin is worse than Moshi Monsters because you need membership for everything in Club Penguin. There is so much stuff that you miss out on in Club Penguin. - - - - Moshi Monsters is fab because you can get all kinds of different moshlings. Club Penguin is all the same, just black puffle and purple puffle. - - - - Club Penguin, more games, more chatting, ADDICTIVE! - - - - MOSHI MONSTERS! Moshi Monsters is WAY better then Club Penguin! You can't wear hardly ANYTHING in Club Penguin, unless you are a member. In Moshi Monsters you can wear stuff even if you aren't a member! Also, in Club Penguin, there is only ONE thing you can adopt which is a penguin. In Moshi Monsters you can be Katsuma, Diavlo, Poppet, Furi, Zommer and Luvli! That is SIX different types of monsters! And there are different species of pets in Moshi Monsters but in Club Penguin there is only 1! And that is why Moshi Monsters is WAY better then Club Penguin! - - - - Club Penguin is the best thing ever! You can make your igloo have pets and even dress your penguin up! Sometimes there are parties. They are all great! Join Club Penguin.

Who better Club Penguin or moshi monster?

Moshi Monsters, as you can do more things without being a member. In club penguin, you can HARDLY do anything without having a membership.

Are there any websites like moshi monsters or club penguin?

Pandanda and Migo Land and Habo

Are there other games like club penguin in French?

Fantage, Moshi Monsters, Habbo, Sims,

What is a free fun safe online pet game for kids?

moshi monsters or club penguin

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Does a club penguin membership work as a moshi monsters membership?

No, Club Penguin and Moshi Monsters are two separate websites so Club Penguin membership will not work on Moshi Monsters.

Did moshi monsters copy club penguins idere?

No, it didn't. Moshi Monsters is about monsters. Club Penguin is about penguins.

What is a website like Moshi Monsters?

Club penguin is like moshi monsters.

Will moshi monsters take over Club Penguin?

MOSHI MONSTERS HAVE ALREADY TAKEN OVER! if you like club penguin think again.

Are club penguin and Moshi Monsters safe?

Yes, both Club Penguin and Moshi Monsters are safe. Moshi Monsters is specially designed to be a safe site for children ages 6 to 12.

Is club penguin the same as moshi monsters?


Did Moshi Monsters copy Club Penguin?

No, Moshi Monsters did not copy Club Penguin. They were developed by two different companies in different parts of the world.

Game like Club Penguin but not a penguin?

Moshi monsters and

What games that are the same as moshi monsters?

club penguin!

Which is better Puffles from Club Penguin or Moshlings From Moshi Monsters?

Moshlings from Moshi Monsters because you get to clean them and they dont run away like puffles from Club Penguin

Who is best moshi monsters or club peguin?

Definitely club penguin.

Is moshimonsters better than Club Penguin?

club penguin is better than moshi monsters