Who wins Yugi or the Pharaoh?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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The Pharaoh wins in Duel Monsters episode 163. However Yugi wins in episode 224, the last episode of the Duel Monster series.

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Q: Who wins Yugi or the Pharaoh?
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Did Yami Yugi die as Pharaoh?

Yes. 3000/5000 (depending on which version you watch!) years before the storyline of the Duel Monster series, the Pharaoh Atem defeated, but was unable to destroy, an evil entity called Zorc, sealing it into the Millenium Ring at the cost of his own life - he sealed his own soul into the Millenium Puzzle. At the very end of the Duel Monsters series, he duels Yugi. If he wins, then he'll be forced to remain in the world for another 3000 years. However if Yugi wins, the two can be split, and the Pharaoh can pass on to the afterlife. Yugi does win, and the Pharaoh's soul passes on.

Does Yugi ever help the Pharaoh to get home?

Yes. The last duel of the Duel Monsters series is Yugi versus the Pharaoh. Since Yugi won, their souls could be split, and the Pharaoh could pass on to the afterlife.

Who wins when Jaden Yugi and Yugi Moto duel?

Yugi would! He has Egyptian god cards AND Exodia! Exodia instantly wins when on the field!EGYPTIAN GOD CARDS!

Was Yugi Yami the pharaoh Atemu in the past?

Yes, Yami Yugi is the encased spirit of Pharaoh Atem, locked inside the Millenium Puzzle. Yugi was the present-day incarnation of Pharaoh Atem and was destined to solve the puzzle and release his spirit.

Who is hotter yugi or yami?

Yami otherwise known as Pharaoh Atem or the nameless pharaoh. <3

Does Yugi win the tournament?

yes yugi wins at battle kingdom and battle city

Who wins yugi or jaden?

well i say that jaden won but it seemed like it was a win for

Do yugi and tea kiss?

Yugi and Tea never kiss. Tea has a crush on the Pharaoh and he returns to the past. Nothing become of him and Tea.

Is yami the pharaoh in yu-gi-oh five d's?

Yami Yugi does not appear in Yu-Gi-Oh! 5D's. In the Original Anime, Yami Yugi was only the spirit of the actual pharaoh. He was not actually the ruler of Egypt. This position was reserved to Pharaoh Atem, the living embodiment of the spirit Yami Yugi. Atem, when he was about to disappear, abdicated his position to his cousin, High Priest Seto, who became the new Pharaoh of Egypt.

What is the pharaoh's name?

Ramesses II.The Pharoah, or the dark side of Yugi is Atem.

Is Yugi the real King of Games?

Yes and no. Yes because in many episodes little yugi duels by himself and no becasue sometimes it id the Pharaoh who is dueling.

If there was a duel between Yugi when he had the millennium puzzle and Jaden who would win?

Atem wins. The Pharaoh has only lost three times. He held back on Kaiba so he lost, During Season four, his rage took over and he played the magic card "The Seal of Orichalcos" and then he lost to Yugi during the battle to set his spirit free.