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Q: Who was the first team to make minecraft?
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What stores can you find Minecraft in?

You have to buy Minecraft from Team Mojang online. Supposedly Minecraft will make its video game debut in November 2011.

What shall you make on minecraft?

first of all wooden planks

What is Team Crafted?

Team Crafted is the most boss Minecraft Youtuber gang to play minigames of minecraft with them.

Who was the first person to make a Minecraft video on YouTube?

Markus 'Notch' Persson, under the username Nizzotch, was the first person to upload a Minecraft video to Youtube. However, the first Minecraft 'Lets Play' was uploaded by Paulsoaresjr.

How do you get minecraft 1.6.2 premium for free?

Team Extreme Minecraft Launcher is the key.

What stores carry Minecraft?

Minecraft is a game you buy from Team Mojang of the internet. But at various video game gatherings it is supposedly going to make its video game debut on the XBOX360 in November.

What was minecraft's first name?

minecraft's first name is cave game

Where to buy Minecraft for PC?

You can buy minecraft at First you need to make an account, then you need to buy a premium for that account. Then download minecraft, and login. Now you're ready to play.

What website is Minecraft forge?

First, you google "minecraft forge minecraft forum". And click the first suggestion. Then the first minecraft forum member has posted a minecraft forge link to go to the website.

Where can one find information about a White Wolf team?

The only information online about a "White Wolf Team" is in relation to Minecraft. Minecraft is a popular online role playing game. If a person would like more information about the White Wolf Team in Minecraft, they may do so by visiting the Minecraft website.

Why did you make Minecraft?

I didn't make Minecraft.

How do you make quartz stairs in minecraft pe?

We'll first you have to go to the nether to get quartz