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Conner Trinner

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Q: Who plays Trip in Star Trek Enterprise?
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In Star Trek enterprise what are the couples?

Well, this is my opinion I think that Trip and T'pol are kind of together,and I think Hoshi and Malcom like each other. Also for one episode Dr.Phlox liked crewman Cutler.

In the Star Trek Enterprise episode Turning Point Trip is in the gym inside a full body spinning twirly machine thing Is that a real on the market toy and if it is where can you buy one?

called a human gyroscope go to

What were the crew nicknames in Star Trek?

It would depend upon which series you look at. Really, the only nicknames that the crewmembers ever get (in the three series I have seen: tos, tng, and enterprise...) are simply shortened version of the person's name. Such as Spock instead of Mr. Spock...or Chekov instead of Pavel Chekov. Or Trip instead of Charles Tucker the Third. (Trip being short for Triple).

What was Trip's job on Startrek Enterprise?

Trip was the chief engineer.

What does the term trek mean?

Adventure, voyage, trip, etc.

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Tour, travel and trek are synonyms for trip. They start with the letter t.

What is a 4 letter word for journey expedition an excursion?

trip, trek

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vacation hawia uhh a tour or a trek.

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Traveling on foot is known as a Trek.

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What are synonyms of odyssey?

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