Who makes games?

Updated: 9/23/2023
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viz media and recently ubisoft has been working on a x360 naruto title.

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Q: Who makes games?
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Who makes the Sims games?

EA games makes the sims games.

Who is the makes Zelda games?

Nintendo's Zelda team makes the games.

A person who makes computer games?

a person who makes computer games

Which company makes poker night at the inventory?

Telltale Games makes Poker Night at the Inventory.

How are women represented on the council that makes decisions about the Olympic games?

how are women represented on the council that makes decisions about Olympic games?"

What brand makes the Kirby games?

The brand that makes the Kirby games is Nintendo, who are known specifically for their series of games such as Super Smash Bros, Pokemon and The Legend of Zelda.

A person who makes a computer game?

a person who makes computer games

What company makes ea sports video games?

criterion games

Who makes Lego Harry Potter games?

Warner Bros Games.

Is Justin Bieber good in games?

Justin Bieber is good in games it makes nice games

What company makes Tetris?

Most of the companys makes Tetris games: Companys that makes Tetris games: Nintendo, Sega, etc....

What company makes Angry Birds games?

Rovio makes Angry Birds.