Who made the Pokemon univurse?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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In real life I don't know, but the Pokemon named Arceus made the Pokemon universe and he is the 493 Pokemon in the pokedex.

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Q: Who made the Pokemon univurse?
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How old is the univurse?

it is at least 100 billion years old

How will the univurse end?

There are various theories on how the universe might end, such as the Big Freeze, Big Crunch, or the Big Rip. However, the actual outcome is still unknown and is a topic of ongoing scientific research and speculation.

Who made Pokemon games such as Pokemon Diamond and Pearl?

the Nintendo company and the Pokemon company made it

When was the game Pokemon colloseum made?

Pokemon Colosseum was made in 2004.

What year was Pokemon made in?

Pokemon was made in 1995

When was Pokemon Red made?

Pokemon Red was made around October 1998.

Where are the Pokemon films made?

Pokemon films are of the anime genre, and are made in Japan.

Why is there some Pokemon in some of the Pokemon centers in Pokemon Platinum?

if you mean the little Pokemon with people walking around in the Pokemon centers its just made by the Pokemon people they made it just for looks

Who made Pokemon White?

game freak, Nintendo and the Pokemon company made Pokemon white and black. hope this helped

What is the best Pokemon game made?

Pokemon snap or Pokemon emerald

Who made Pokemon lost silver and why?

nobody knows who made Pokemon lost silver

Are there Pokemon Ruby and Sapphire in Pokemon Gale of Darkness?

bye is there Pokemon from ruby...on xd?if so yes it was made after(xd is made after)