Who made Shadow the Hedgehog?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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Professor Gerald Robotnik created Shadow, 50 years ago on board the Space Colony ARK.

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Q: Who made Shadow the Hedgehog?
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Was halo made before shadow the hedgehog?

Halo was released in 2001, shadow the hedgehog was in 2005

Was shadow the hedgehog toys made 1998?

No. Shadow The Hedgehog made his debut in Sonic Adventure 2, which was released in 2001.

Is Siliver in Shadow the hedgehog the game?

No. Silver made his debut in 2006, which was after Shadow The Hedgehog was released in 2005.

Who is shadow?

Shadow is a Hedgehog like Sonic the Hedgehog. He died but Dr. Robotnik (Eggman) made a Andriod copy of Shadow the Hedgehog. Shadow is always grumpy. But if he ever forgets who he is he will do anything to get his memory back. Even destroy Sonic the Hedgehog.

Was shadow the hedgehog a brown hedgehog?

No, shadow the hedgehog is black.

Does shadow the hedgehog loves venus the hedgehog?

No because this is a Fan made character and is not official like Silver the Hedgehog

When was shadow the hedgehog made?

2005 is when the game was released

Is shadow the hedgehog 2 going to be made?


Does shadow the hedgehog have a son?

No Shadow doesn't have a son,Shadow is a TV character.Shadow was made by Robotnik's grandfather .

What was the first game that Shadow the Hedgehog made an appearance in?

Shadow the Hedgehog first appeared in Sonic Adventure 2 for the SEGA Dreamcast (2001)

What type of hedgehog is shadow?

Shadow is a blato hedgehog.

Is Shadow the Hedgehog's form Demon Shadow real or made up?

Probably made up, as it does sound stupid.