Who is tikal from sonic?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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Tikal, who appears in Sonic Adventure and Sonic Adventure 2, is a priestess for the Master Emerald and Chaos, the god of chaos. She seems to be related to Knuckles.

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Q: Who is tikal from sonic?
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Does tikal like sonic?

Sonic helps her but they are not romantic.

What animal is tikal sonic x?

Tikal is an echidna just like Knuckles

Does Tikal from Sonic love Knuckles?

Sorry to say but no,Tikal does not love Knuckles but they do come from the same tribe But Tikal really does like him She does but as a friend

How do you play as Tikal on Sonic Adventure Dx?

she is not playable

When is tikal the echidnas birthday?

tikal's birthday is the 18th December because well... in Poland there's this game sonic birthday party and on 18th December it said "tikal is 15 today"

When did Tikal meet Knuckles?

when he visits the past in sonic adventure 1

How do you get tikal on sonic smash brothers?

Dear Community, To Get Tikal On Sonic Smash Brothers. Finish Adventure With All The Characters Like Sonic,Tails,Knuckles,Amy,Cream,Rouge,Shadow,Silver,Blaze,Espio,Mighty,S. Sonic And S.Shadow. Or Type In Her Code. Thank You!

Where can you find a Tikal Plush Sonic?

Lita Mitchell's Sonic the Hedgehog UFO Catchers Keep scolling down and you will find her

Who does knuckles like rouge or tikal or shade or sonia or Julie-su?

knuckles love 3 girl call rouge the bat from sonic x, Sonia the hedgehog from sonic underground and julie-sue the echidna from sonic comic but he did not like shade the echidna and tikal the echidna

Who is sonia the hedgehog from sonic?

sonic's Daughter, his son is named Manik,\ how do i know this, i have that issue, where he has to go up against Tikal-chaos.

Should you be tikal or rouge if you were playing sonic x?

Sonic X is a TV show not a game, therefore you can't play as any.

Did sonic kill perfect Chaos?

No. Chaos (as Chaos 0) is seen after the battle with Tikal.