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Q: Who is the strongest character in Warcraft DOTA?
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Who is the strongest agility character in dota?

Traxex and Troll Warlord

Who is the strongest ranged dota character?

The Phantom Lancer is my personal fav.

Where can you download DOTA world editor?

Dota is a custom game created using the warcraft 3 world editor. If you want to edit dota, you need to purchase warcraft 3. Dota is a protected map, you can not edit it!

What is -apneng?

use a command for dota/ warcraft

Who is the strongest in dota?

the strongest hero is the faceless void

Is dota and war craft the same?

DotA and Warcraft are not the same. DotA is a user-made map that is played in Warcraft. Since DotA runs on the warcraft engine, many of the models are taken from it, thus the games look similar while are functionally different.

Can you watch dota without installing Warcraft 3?

You can't watch dota trailer without installing warcraft 3. But, you can watch it in the internet, specifically on youtube.

Who is the strongest hero in dota?

the strongest hero is the faceless void

Do you need Warcraft 3 to download DotA?


When dota is published?

DotA began in 2003 when Eul created the first version of this Scenario for Warcraft 3

Who the Strongest hero In Dota?

In Level 25For me, the strongest hero in dota is Terrorblade because of its last skill that can change its life to another.

How do you change old dota items to new dota items?

the change of new dota item is download dota 2 and then copy paste the map of dota 2 to dota warcraft III and see is change try it :))