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She is part of Evony's controversial marketing. She does not appear in-game.

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Q: Who is the redhead girl in those evony ads?
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Who is the girl in those ads for the game Evony?

Natalie Gauvreau,

Who is the brunette girl in those ads for the evony game?

This was a marketing technique used by evony to gain more players. The women you see in the adverts do not appear in-game.

How does the ads for Evony relate to the game?

I'm actually pretty sure they have nothing to do with the game and the almost-naked girl is just a marketing maneuver.From what I've heard, there is no inappropriate sexual material in Evony.

Is evony bad?

no is not bad, dont consider the ads

Who is the big breasted brunette girl in the evony ads?

it just uses nude girls to get more males to play which gives it more ratings.

Who is the redhead in the Wendy's ads?

The red-headed Wendy's girl is based on Wendy Thomas, who is the daughter of the restaurant's founder, Dave Thomas.

Who are the girls in bikinis in those ads for game evony?

They are the ladies in the marketing department.If you ask me, they should all be given increases for the recruitment they are doing.

What is the name of the redhead actress in the racv ads?

Kasia Kaczmarek

Who is the Redhead actress in the 1 800 Dentist Ads?

Suzi Barrett

What is evony rated?

Evony HAS AN UNKNOWN RATING ,but uses nude girls in its ads to get more males to play .it's is a very boring stradegy game.

Does evony contain nudity?

no of course not. just the ads are real weird. they just want people to click on it. weird huh. im koertchen on evony

Why are the ads for facebook blocking my game of the mmorpg evony?

They just are but you can stop it by changing your settings