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Every administrator on Roblox is famous because they work for Roblox and they have BC also they know how to script and build so yes they are famous. The most famous non administrator I know of is XSonicTheHedgeHogX and also there are many other famous ROBLOXian on Roblox but ^^^^ he has a lot of place visits and has the biggest group on Roblox breaking over 97 thousand players in his group called F.E.A.R. As I said many other ROBLOXians are famous just as much and Sonic is or even more famous.

The most famous admins on Roblox are Stealth Pilot, Builderman and he is the CEO, then Telamon is the most famous and place visited admin on Roblox.Airextream on roblox is also famous for making videos,Pieperson50,Her0z,XShadowTheHedgehogX

You may have noticed airextream is my account but many people know me.

So you may not correct this answer just because you think I put mine on there to make me look cool.I didnt

-airextream and airextream on roblox :P

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Q: Who is the most famous person on Roblox?
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Who was the most famous person on roblox in 2006-2008?

I believe you are looking forROBOBOY10User ID= 2222

Who is a famous Halloween person on roblox?

Nameparker12345 is famous for halloween, his birthdays on it! :D

Who is most rich person on roblox?

The most rich person must be the creator of the game which is "ROBLOX".

What are the most famous builders on roblox?

Nobody on an online game is "famous".

What is the username of the most famous on roblox?

you answered it, ROBLOX. Or telamon, reesemroblox, etc. there are ALOT of famous people on roblox, but not justin beiber. usualy he's killed, not praised.

Who is Thunderclan147?

She is an awesome roblox person and is one of the most popular.

Were on roblox is your roblox?

Just click "My ROBLOX" and you should see your person. If you want to Customize your person click "My ROBLOX", then click "Character".

Is ickybigdog famous on roblox?


Who are all the famous people on ROBLOX?

There are endless amounts of famous people on ROBLOX, therefore they all cannot be listed.

What are some famous characters on roblox?

Builderman,Telamon,ROBLOX duuhhh,Thegamer101,Tadcool.They are some famous people in roblox.P.S:Person who made this answer has profile in roblox named "manymanyeah".

Who is Bust3r911?

He is another Roblox person that is also in the top ten most popular.

Who are some awesome people on Roblox?

The previous answer was false and I have a answer. I can't answer your question because that is an opinion for you. I am bigboy5668 on ROBLOX, visit my homepage and see if you think I'm cool. Other people I think are cool are ALL the ROBLOX admins and moderators. Famous builders like TheGamer101, I think he is the most awesome person in ROBLOX also loleris, I think hes cool but also look on the front page for games on the front page and then click the person who made it and see if you think they are cool.