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Kratos (no contest)

With his families ashes burnt to his skin, chains burnt to his arms and a unphased desire to kill anything he see...who also kills gods

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Q: Who is the most badass video game character?
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Who was the best video game character ever?

PACMAN was the best early video game if you look at it from a historical perspective.

Who is the most famous video game character of all time?

There was a study that concluded that Pac-man was the most recognized game character.

What is the most worst video game character made?


Is Mario the most popular video game character?

Pretty much

Who is the worlds most favorite top 2 video games heroes?

the worlds 2 favorite game character is mario the worlds favorite video game character of all time is sonic

Who is most popular video game character?

I don't want to say this but it's Mario the dumb plumer

Who is the most recognizable video game character?

Pac-Man is the most recognizable character, identified by 94% of Americans in a 2008 poll. Mario is a close second, at 93%.

Do video game characters age?

It all depends on the developers of the games. When a character is born and a game has been created. The next game with the same character may look older, most times they do not look older.

What is Jill Valentine best known for?

Jill Valentine is a character in the video game series "Resident Evil." She is best known as being the most good looking female video character. She made her debut appearance in 1996.

Who is the most successful video game character ever?

It's a tie between Sonic the Hedgehog, the mascot of SEGA, (And my very favorite video game character ever.) and Mario, the mascot of Nintendo. But I truly think it is Sonic the Hedgehog because of how he burst out to the world, wiping out Nintendo.

Who loves Kirby the most?

Well, this character doesn't appear in the video game, but in the Kirby cartoon, there's a female character named Tiff that really cares about Kirby and is always on his side.

A director adapts a video game by reversing the roles of the hero and the villain. Which type of interpretation is most likely used here?

Character depiction