Who is the first strongest pokemon?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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mew is the strongest Pokemon

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Q: Who is the first strongest pokemon?
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Which fire Pokemon is the strongest?

Infernape is totally the strongest and if it helps he starts from a chimchar. Charizard. He is the first the best and the strongest

What is the strongest normal first evolution Pokemon?


Is lugia the strongest Pokemon?

yes it is the strongest Pokemon

What is the strongest Pokemon in goldsilver?

The strongest Pokemon is Lugia. It's the strongest, the rarest is Celebi.

Is kecleon the strongest Pokemon?

No kecleon is not the strongest pokemon.........Arceus is

What is the strongest pokemom in pokemom peral?

there is no strongest Pokemon because every Pokemon has weakness arceus is the strongest Pokemon in Pokemon pearl but can still be beaten

How do you beat grudon?

first you must find him and attack him, after that get the strongest Pokemon you have and keep on using its strongest attack and heal it a lot.

What is the middle strongest Pokemon ever?

the middlest strongest pokemon is............ Rayquaza!!

What is the strongest water legendary Pokemon?

the strongest water Pokemon is Palkia

What is the strongest Grass Pokemon?

Torterra or Shaymin is the strongest Grass Pokemon.

What is the real strongest legendarie in Pokemon diamond?

the strongest Pokemon is arceuse

What is the strongest Pokemon in Pokemon white?

There is no strongest Pokemon. There are Ubers but the list hasn't come out yet.