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On October 14, 2008, Michelle Loewenstein became the biggest winner on Wheel of Fortune by winning $1 million in the bonus round and taking home a total of $1,026,080 in cash and prizes. On May 30 2013 another contestant also won the million dollar prize with over $30,00 additional before the bonus round. Autumn Ernhard became the second contestant in the show's history to take home $1 million. Ernhard won an additional $30,000 in cash and prizes during the show's regular rounds, bringing her total winnings up to $1,030,340. She works in pharmaceutical sales. Her parents and fiancé joined her on stage as soon as her winnings were revealed.

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Q: Who is the first person to win a million dollars on Wheel of Fortune?
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How many million dollars worth of prizes have been won on Wheel of Fortune?

"Since it's debut in 1983 Wheel of Fortune has awarded more than 190 million in cash and prizes to it's contestants" see related link

What are some ways one can win a million dollars?

There are a few ways to win a million dollars. One way is to go on the game show, Wheel of Fortune. It's not guaranteed that you will win one million dollars, but it highly increases your chances.

How is million dollars paid on Wheel of Fortune?

It really isn't paid unless you have won. Do you mean is it cash or a check or is it spread out over time. They always call it a cash prize but I doubt that anyone would actually want it in cash and the IRS does require a person to have withholding tax taken out of winnings of that amount. Only one person has won a million dollars on Wheel of Fortune and that was on the episode that first aired on Oct 14 2008 when a contestant won $1,026,080.00. The winning contestant was 24 year old newlywed and floral designer Michelle Loewenstein from Santa Monica California when she won the million dollars.

How much money do you get if you get 1 million dollars on Wheel of Fortune?

1 million plus the money you won to from the earlier rounds that allowed you to get a chance to win the money in the bonus round.

How is wheel of fortune million paid out?

When you get the money it is after taxes

What does it take to win the million on Wheel of Fortune?


How is Wheel of Fortune 1 million paid out?

When you get the money it is after taxes

Vanna whites salary on Wheel of Fortune?

Approximately $15 000 per episode.3 to 5 million dollars per year

What was the answer to the clue Person on Wheel of Fortune June 3 2010?

The clue of person was for the 4 Jun 2010 Wheel of Fortune and the answer was Savvy Shopper

What was the most anny one got on the Wheel of Fortune?

over a million

How much money has been given away on Wheel of Fortune?

They had a great celebration when Wheel of Fortune reached the 5,000 episode for the syndicated game show. At that time they announced that the show had given away almost 200 Million dollars. There have been 75 shows since that time and in just the last 5 they gave away another 300,000 dollars. Those figures do not include the Daytime Wheel of Fortune because they consider it a completely different show.

What where the July 2014 Wheel of Fortune bonus puzzles?

Person (COMPANY BIGWIG)is the July 2014 Wheel of Fortune bonus puzzles.