Who is the creator of quizilla?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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The site was created on August 4, 2002, by Matthew Nielsen. The followers on this site create their on quizzes. It is a wesite site with polls, poems, quizzes and games. It is update daily, and the quizzes are compiled by the sites followers

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Q: Who is the creator of quizilla?
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When was Quizilla created?

Quizilla was created in 2002.

How do you put miusic on quizilla your quizilla stories?

You can't.

Is there another website like quizilla for reading? It is amazing compared to quizilla.

How do I get music on my Quizilla?

Actually, you can't get music on to Quizilla. You could post music lyrics though.

Is quizilla able to charge you for using their site to make quizzes?

no, don't worry, quizilla is totally free

Where is the wedgie quizzes at?


How do you create a quiz on quizilla?

first you have to log in. then on the left hand side under 'your quizilla' it says create a new quiz and more. then you pretty much just do what ever it is you want to do. if that doesnt work, go to help on quizilla and go to how do i create a quiz. btw, my username is rockdoc on quizilla so message me or somethin.

Does it cost money to have a quizilla account?


Why has Quizilla turned into MTV?

Animal Meme

Are there any websites like quizzible?


Where can find quizilla homepage layouts?

I'm truly sorry quizilla no longer hosts homepages because they have destroyed the site with their new format. For those who hate quizilla the is a new community dedcated as a place for you to vent and rant about your dislike about the site.

Are there sites similar to Quizilla?